Jen Tough Gallery



Oil and cold wax on cradled wood panel, 36 x 36, 2016


Encaustic on cradled wood panel, 36 x 36, 2016

Up and Away

Acrylic and mixed media on wood panel, framed, 36 x 36, 2016

Symphonic Suite

Oil and cold wax on panel, diptych, 6 ft x 6 ft, 2016

Pod and Petal

Encaustic and mixed media on panel, 36 x 36, 2016

Pamela Caughey

"As problems are resolved, the conversation eventually becomes quiet, but only after many crescendos and decrescendos of the malleable surface. My ultimate goal is to push out of my comfort zone to discover something new about myself, life, or the world around me, and to evoke an emotional response through a visual history of manipulated layers. I continue to reach from within to express what for me is often better expressed through abstraction and experimentation. Multiple layers capture snapshots of time, experience, happiness, frustration, i.e., life. Art and life are intertwined and are “Simply Not” simple, straightforward, predictable, or easy.

I choose to paint and draw in a variety of mediums to challenge myself and ensure that I will always have new problems to solve, as well as multiple ways to express myself.  I am inspired when, with paint, I make discoveries of my inner world from the inside out.  I rely almost wholly on an intuitive and expressive approach that juxtaposes opposing elements: opaque and transparent, organic and geometric, textured and smooth, large and small, dark and light. 

Rather than literal renderings of my environment, I strive to create emotional content. Being surrounded by mountains, valleys, forests and sunlit meadows is a great inspiration to the senses, but when I paint, my colors, surfaces and tools entice me to explore the unknown. Rather than paint what I see and understand, I paint without knowing and hope I will discover something.  I strive for a finished painting that expresses something that can’t be verbalized, only visualized and experienced."

Pamela Caughey grew up in Wisconsin and received her BS in Biochemistry from UW-Madison in 1983.  She and her husband later moved to Hamilton, MT in 1986, where she focused on water based media from 1986-2006. In 2008-2010, she worked toward and earned her MFA in painting and drawing from the University of Montana.  She has taught art at the university level and now works as a full-time artist. Over the past 30 years, she has received awards, been published and exhibited nationally and internationally.  Her work is in permanent collections in the US and abroad.

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University of Wisconsin-Madison, B.S. Biochemistry, 1983
University of Montana, School of Art, MFA Drawing and Painting, 2010

Jen Tough Gallery, "Remainder", July 2017
Holter Museum of Art, “Simply Not”, Sherman Gallery, Helena, MT, 2017
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Jen Tough Gallery, “Women in the Abstract” June, 2017
Radius Gallery, Missoula, MT, group exhibition, Sept 29 – Nov 4, 2017.
Mediolanum Gallery, Padova, Italy, Neutral-ism, 11 November – 12 December 2016
Radius Gallery, Missoula, MT, Changing Moment, May - June 2016
Holter Museum, Permanent Collection Exhibition, Sept – Dec 2015
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10th NW Biennial, Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA. 2012
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Missoula Art Museum, Missoula, MT, 37th Annual Benefit Art Auction. 2009
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Foothills Art Center, Golden, CO, Rocky Mountain National Watermedia 2008

Nicolaysen Museum, Casper, WY, 2016.
University of Montana, Chemistry Building, “Chem 101”, “Osmosis”, 2015.
Kaiser Permanente, Northern CA, “Ebola”, graphite drawing, 2015.
NIH – Rocky Mountain Laboratories, Hamilton, MT.
Missoula Art Museum, Microscapes, handmade book of etchings, 2013.
Holter Museum of Art, Eccentricity, 24x18”, encaustic, 2012.
Montana Museum of Art and Culture: Earth and Sky, 10”x8”, History, 10”x8”, encaustic, 2009.
Montana Museum of Art; Skaggs Building, “Rock of Ages”,  “Shattered Scape”, 2007

June 2015, Blue Ribbon, Scapes – Land/Sea/Mind, “Journey”, Encaustic
December 2013, Finalist, Montana Arts Council Innovation Award
December 2011, Finalist, Montana Arts Council Innovation Award
April, 2010, Gilbert Millikan Art Scholarship
November, 2009, Thomas Leslie Wickes and Heloise Vinal Wickes Scholarship
May, 2009, Nancy and Ron Erickson Scholarship
May, 2009, Fell-Oskins Scholarship
April, 2008, Fell-Oskins Scholarship

November, 2018, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
CULLOWHEE MOUNTAIN ARTS, Lake Logan, North Carolina, Cold Wax/Oil Color:
Powerful Design and Personal Color Workshop, August 15-18 2016
June 20107 – Cold Wax Oil Workshops, Shake Rag Alley, Mineral Point, WI; June 8-11, 2017, October 5-8, October 10-12, Shake Rag Alley, Mineral Point, WI
June 2016 – Cold Wax/Oil Workshop, Shake Rag Alley, Mineral Point, WI
September 2011-December 2013 – Faculty, Bitterroot College of UMT, Hamilton, MT; Visual Language Drawing, 2D Color and Design, and Sculpture Foundation Classes.

Holter Museum of Art, Helena, MT, “Simply Not”; Jan 2017.
Nicolaysen Museum, Casper, Wyoming, "Ubiquitous"; May, 2016.
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