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Kerry Schroeder

"Think of the small as large."—Lao Tzu

In the heat of a Central Texas summer, a favorite event is going tubing on the Guadalupe River. One time I slipped through the open hole of the tube and floated on my back with one hand lightly on the tube. With my ears under water I could only hear the gurgling of the river while I looked up to the blue sky and white clouds. I don't remember how long I was in this state, but it was magical. I didn't once think about hitting a rock or running into something. I just trusted the flow of the river and let it carry me along.


Schroeder received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tulsa University, with an emphasis in Art History. Schroeder now works and lives in Portland, Oregon. Her paintings have been featured in exhibitions in galleries and cultural centers throughout the United States, including the Costello Fine Art Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, Patricia Rovzar Gallery in Seattle, Pryor Fine Art in Atlanta, and Arthouse in Austin, Texas. She has been featured in several national arts publications including American Art Collector. She was selected by Southwest Art magazine as “Artist to Watch. The Editor’s Choice for up-and-coming talent.”


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Kerry Schroeder lives and works in Portland, Oregon