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Sara Post: Other Places

Jen Tough Gallery

Sara Post: Other Places opened Friday, February 16 and runs through March 21, 2019.

Reception: Saturday, February 23, 6:00-8:00 with the artist speaking at 7:00

We will be live streaming the artist talk beginning at 7:00 on Instagram. Follow us @JenToughGallery

“Abstraction is, for me, a natural language. It’s concentrated and challenging, mysterious and opaque. I love its ambiguities, that it often creates more questions than answers.” —Sara Post 

Sara Post,
a California abstract artist, began her artistic career as a ceramicist and then moved to printmaking and painting. With the in-depth skill developed from being a lifelong artist, Post’s paintings depict plane and form in rich, abstracted compositions created with impeccable craft. Her confident palettes and broad plane-like compositions are reminiscent of the modernist masters, utilizing both refined line and bold shape to evoke both time and place. This solo exhibition is a culmination of her ongoing investigations of the abstracted landscape and natural surrounding environment.