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Opus is an invitational artist collective exclusively for art fairs.

Check out the Opus website for more details and apply to be a part!

In today's art market one of the best ways to promote and sell art is through art fairs. Unfortunately, artists that do not have gallery representation frequently miss out on these prime promotional opportunities, or can only afford small and amateur looking booths that do not create trust with buyers. Opus was created to change that paradigm. Opus pools together invited artists into a collective, to reserve large prestigious booths in VIP areas of art fairs that are normally the domain of galleries. We rent out wall space in these prime booths to artists we invite to participate, manage the booth... and artists keep 100% of sales.

Curated and managed by an art gallery.

Opus was created by Jen Tough, a gallery owner in Northern California and former art director with a BFA in studio art. She saw the need for artists not represented by a gallery to promote themselves at art fairs with some gallery management and curation, but without splitting commission or exclusive contracts. The gallery professionally manages, ships, designs, curates, staffs, and handles any sales at the fair while artists keep any profit and make new connections.

Rent up front vs. 50-70% commission.

Instead of giving away 50-70% of any fair sales —or future sales— to a gallery, an artist can pay rent up front and keep 100% of any sales at the fair, or after. Many sales are made after the fair is over from contacts made, and normally a gallery requires a 50% commission on any of those sales through exclusive contracts. With the collective, the artist keeps any sales profits made at the fair, or after the fair, by renting up front. In addition, depending how your art business is set up, it's possible wall rental can be fully written off or deducted from your taxable income.

Amazing promotional opportunities for artists.

When selected artists rent wall space in one of our booths, they will have their business cards in a holder on their wall ready for the taking, and a professionally designed and framed informational card about them and their work. With visitors in the thousands, their work will be seen by more people than most gallery exhibitions, and they are free to sell to any contacts without gallery exclusivity contracts or commission splits during or after the fair. We will also be promoting your work on social media via Jen Tough Gallery and Opus as we build the collective.

The benefits of Opus:

•Artists keep 100% of any sales

•Staffed full time by experienced gallery personnel

•No exclusive gallery contracts: all contacts and future sales belong to the artist

•Large prestigious booths that create critical trust for buyers

•VIP/prime area booths in the fair

•Professionally hung, designed and curated booths that add credibility

•Exposure to thousands of people: collectors, artists and gallery owners

•Great promotional potential: build your network

•Establish crucial exhibition and sales histories

•Rental potential tax deduction/write off

Apply today.

In order to maintain the highest quality art, Opus is an invitation only based collective.

See our FAQs page for more details about what we are looking for.

Please send us an email with a link to your website, and we'll get right back to you! Jen@OpusArt.Work