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Mexico Workshops


Cell Phones in MX: you must check with your carrier prior to your trip to arrange for service in San Miguel.

Studio Time: you can access the studio any time day or night (if quiet) because we are reserving the entire hotel.

Credit Cards: Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted all over San Miguel, Amex is spotty at best. Let your card company know you are traveling to MX, so they don’t stop any of your charges (sometimes they freeze accounts due to fraud if charges appear from MX or Central America).

Can my partner share my room? This depends on your room type, availability, and group transportation needs. Your partner/spouse cannot attend the workshop unless they purchase a student spot. Please email us and we can discuss.

Do I have to know Spanish? In the hotel, no Spanish is needed. Spanish is helpful but not mandatory around San Miguel, where most people outside of the hotel speak a little English. There are so many expats and English speaking tourists, locals are used to non-Spanish speakers. If you know no Spanish and want to explore on your own, we recommend writing down the hotel address on a piece of paper to show someone if you get lost, or to show a taxi driver. But if you plan on traveling other places in MX before or after the workshop, it’s very helpful to know a decent amount of Spanish (enough to get by).

How do I get from the airport to the hotel in San Miguel? We will provide transportation from Leon Airport (BJX airport code) to and from the hotel on travel days. There are some time restrictions for after 9:00 pm arrival. Travel time from Leon to San Miguel is 90 minutes. For Mexico City arrivals, there are several luxury busses that go to San Miguel. The trip is 4 hours, and it’s a wonderful way to see the country in a double decker bus that is extremely nice (like first class flying). One way is around $50. If staying in Mexico City, ask your hotel concierge to make reservations for you.

Will I need a car? No. There is no parking at the hotel, or really anywhere. Our hotel is close to the central square (Jardin) and most of the town is very walkable. For uphill journeys or longer drives, you can hail a taxi, which are plentiful in San Miguel and cost $2.50-5.00 equivalent to US to get pretty much everywhere around town. Taxis only take Pesos. You can also use Uber or Lyft.

Climate: June is the “rainy season”, but actually that means it may just rain for a short time in the afternoon, and then become sunny again. Generally, San Miguel has more of a Mediterranean climate, being more dry than tropical locations. San Miguel is up 6000 feet, so the altitude keeps it cool in the evenings. There are numerous websites with weather info online.

Clothing: San Miguel is very casual in general, and is filled with Expats and tourists wearing “touristy” type of clothes. We recommend thick soled shoes or tennis shoes for walking on the cobblestones, which are impossible to navigate in heeled or very thin soled shoes like flip flops. Keen sandals and Clarks seem to be the norm.

Getting $ USD’s to Pesos: You can get Pesos via ATMs (with a service fee) around San Miguel, Leon, Mexico City or any MX airport, or at the airport money exchange once you arrive. You will need cash (Pesos only) for taxis and other miscellaneous things, but most restaurants and shops take credit cards. NOTE: Taxi drivers will NOT accept even slightly torn or defaced bills or bills with corners missing… so make sure you are getting clean, crisp bills. The airport money exchange places are notorious for giving crumpled bills… so be careful.

Terms + Conditions (aka, Small Print)

General Travel Risks: International travel has a certain amount of risk to the traveler. We are not responsible for theft, transportation, illness, loss or accident that may occur while on this trip in any shape or form. Any service that is provided by another independent party (such as transportation, restaurants or hotel) are subject to the laws and regulations in the place the service was provided, and Okey Dokey Inc/Jen Tough Gallery are not liable for problems/issues/negligence associated with these independently operated services.

Travelers further agree upon full payment of the trip, they will indemnify and hold Okey Dokey Inc/Jen Tough Gallery harmless in respect of any claims arising in connection with the trip made by third parties that arise from the misconduct of the travelers, the traveler’s family members, dependents or heirs, third parties, which the traveler, their estate, their family members, dependents or heirs. 

Limited Responsibility: We want you to have a wonderful time, but we have limited obligations to you as a workshop host. We cannot be held responsible for weather, natural disasters, problems with the hotel or your room, service, or anything else out of our control. We will always do our best to make sure you have a wonderful time for things that are in our control.

Refunds: $1000 deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances. If you paid in full without a deposit, and if we can fill your space, we will refund all money paid minus $1000. If you decide you cannot go, or an emergency happens, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can find someone to take your place. You will only get a refund (less the $1000 deposit) if we can find someone to take your place. This is not negotiable

Travel/medical Insurance: We highly recommend travel insurance for your trip for unforeseen circumstances. There are plenty online, or through AAA. Consider getting travel medical as well, as most insurances don’t work in Mexico.

Health and Travel in Mexico: Our hotel has purified water, but we recommend always drinking bottled water when out, an no ice or fountain drinks, as they run the risk of having un-purified water. Also, do not eat unpeeled fruit or vegetables if not in a finer restaurant, and we do not recommend street food of any kind. If you get sick in San Miguel, there are English speaking doctors which we can assist with, but any fees incurred you are responsible for. By paying for this trip, you agree you are healthy enough for international travel, that you have read additional resources about health and travel advisories for Mexico, and you understand Okey Dokey Inc/Jen Tough Gallery is not responsible for any negative issues arising from your travel in Mexico.

Passport: You must have a valid passport to travel to Mexico, and it is your responsibility to obtain one. Your passport must be up to date and valid for 6 months beyond the last day of travel.

You must agree to sign a standard travel waiver for liability prior to departure, which we will email to you for electronic signature.