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Interested in partnering with us for the first women-only art fair?


About The Ladies Room

The Ladies Room is a women-only art fair with the inaugural edition being held in San Francisco October 25-27, 2019. The fair is being created and produced by Jen Tough Gallery, a woman owned and run Bay Area art gallery located in the historic Benicia Arsenal.

The Ladies Room will be taking place the third weekend of San Francisco Open Studios, one of the country’s largest open studio events. It will be an intimate, highly curated art show featuring 20 women artists, chosen from a pool of applicants by Danielle Krysa, known as The Jealous Curator. Danielle is an influencer, artist, podcaster, and author of 4 books, the latest being, A Big Important Art Book, Now With Women

Each selected artist will be given an equal amount of exhibition space for installing numerous works and creating their own unique area. Artists will be present to discuss their practice with visitors and sell their art throughout the event, creating a lively and interactive market space. 

The first evening of the event is a private VIP and collector’s party, which offers opportunities for brand experiences in a more refined, upscale setting, while the Saturday evening public reception with DJ Sep offers opportunities for brand engagement with a more casual vibe. Both event days will bring a steady stream of art enthusiasts and collectors interested in art, culture and supporting our mission of gender equality.

Why we created The Ladies Room

The Ladies Room was created because of the continued lack of exhibition opportunities, representation and support along with a pay gap of 50% for women artists. While women have consistently been used as subject matter for male-created art, women continue to be disregarded for their artistic contributions and left out of important conversations and opportunities within the art world. The Ladies Room aims to make an impact in the male-dominated art market by expanding women artists exhibition and networking opportunities without direct competition from men through highly curated exhibition and market spaces in multiple locations across the country. 

Your support through sponsorship of this event goes directly to promote women artists, and allows them access to industry professionals, buyers and collectors without male competition.

Unlike other art fairs that include artists, we do not charge our exhibiting artists anything to exhibit, and instead work on a commission split for any sales. Therefore, your support through sponsorship of this event goes directly to promote women artists through this exclusive exhibition opportunity. The Ladies Room offers women artists unlimited exposure, credibility and access to gallerists, collectors and art industry professionals without the normal competition from men. 

Because we are not charging women artists for this fair, your sponsorship is an integral part of this event and make it possible.

Thank you for considering partnering with us for this inaugural event!

Sponsorship Benefits:

•Visible alignment with a women-led startup project created exclusively by and for women

•Support of women’s empowerment issues in the time of #MeToo and renewed public discourse regarding gender inequality

•Because our women exhibitors do not pay to exhibit at the event (unlike most artist fairs), sponsorship directly supports women artists and the need for exposure and exhibition opportunities in a male dominated market

•Brand exposure via social media, journalists, and publications interested in The Ladies Room story & mission

•Positive in-person brand experiences to audiences in trendy areas of influential cities

•Networking & collection opportunities with emerging and mid-career women artists

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