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Artist Talk: Anthony Riggs

Don't miss artist Anthony Riggs discussing his work at the gallery during the 'Strange Nature' show. "My paintings are a visual exploration of opposing belief systems. By integrating visual elements from different historical periods and ideological viewpoints I investigate how aesthetics have been used as propaganda to control the narrative of history. I borrow from pop culture, kitsch, propaganda, ancient mythology, religious iconography, and science fiction. Using the aesthetic tricks of classical composition and advertising propaganda I want to seduce viewers into my narrative world. In these works I invite the viewer to think about the relationship between east and west, masculine and feminine, ancient and modern, and science and religion. I want to suggest a new story using appropriated images from multiple histories. My goal is to negate traditional narratives and create endless subjective interpretations. By combining these images I hope to create new meaning that transcends national and cultural specificity.

My current series combines the scientific and environmental worldview with ancient religious symbolism creating an iconography of an emerging belief system. These works are a reflection of the near scientific thinking, environmental fear and religious belief in american popular culture."