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Terry Tsu

Terry Tsu

Terry Tsu is a multi-faceted artist primarily focused on abstract painting. 

She was born in NY, but spent her formative years in the Philippines. She returned to the United States for college and graduate school at Stanford University, settling in the San Francisco Bay Area. Tsu lives and works in Menlo Park, CA.

Her work has been exhibited in multiple national juried shows and appears in private collections throughout the US and Asia. She is represented by Jen Tough Gallery.

My art is an exploration of materials and emotion.

I paint how I feel. Sometimes my paintings are frenzied, full of raw emotion, giving voice to what I can’t always articulate in words. Other times, I slow myself down and use painting as a sort of meditation. My artwork changes as I go through moods or as I experiment with materials; working large vs. working small, painting on canvas vs. painting on wood, using oil vs. acrylic.

I don’t usually plan the piece. I like to start out in ‘play’ mode, not thinking too much and welcoming the unexpected. At some point in the process, though, I switch to problem solving mode. It’s a constant back-and-forth between the two. In the end, I hope my work has both energy and balance and that I’ve learned something about what makes me tick.