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Lita Kenyon

Lita Kenyon

I studied art in the late 70s and early 80s. My undergraduate experience was eye opening and idyllic. Although I studied printmaking and drawing in graduate school, I never forgot my love of painting. Drawing however is my strongest suit and I always turn to drawing when trying to figure out what to create next.

In 2013, I realized that I needed to evolve. I turned to collage and eventually started mixed media pieces incorporating my stylized drawing technique. The collage process allowed me to focus on cultural themes and mores. I distilled mid-century commodity culture with wrestler imagery, themes of control with those lacking artifice. I also began to look at scraps of paper as abstract shapes, eventually contrasting minimal linework with bold shapes created through the cut and paste process. I am very comfortable with white space enveloping my collage and drawing elements. It isn’t intimidating, but enlivening.

I concluded that I needed to move myself into painting again in 2019. I realized that abstraction provides so many opportunities to think about color, form, value, composition and balance. It seemed like a natural outgrowth from my experience with mixed media.