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Laurie Blessen

Laurie Blessen

‘I look to color for my words’

Working in abstraction allows the fullest expression of my life. Prolific and driven to get out the complex emotions that words fail to express. I use colors to set the tone and lines the movement. Together they tell my narrative. 

The collections are a landscape abstraction of my thoughts and emotions from an aerial perspective. Applying layers of intense translucent color fields to create a poetic narrative as my visual diary. Random two words from my journal title the pieces to unite art and text for a cohesive message.

My work explores balances of complex with simple and intense color with black and whites. The forms appear as abstracted roads/landscapes/doors and windows. I layer to represent the totality of life. I include the dark times and messy places as a celebration of it all.

I do not set out to use these elements they appear as I work intuitively to express myself. I work fast enough to not let the thinking get in the way. I let the art do the magic. It’s only in hindsight I can appreciate this full richness of discovery.