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Diane Williams

Diane Williams

Distilling form to essence.

The cycle from birth to death is inevitable. Rocks become sand, and bodies dust. My work is inspired by the rhythms of nature rather than a literal interpretation. I use intuitive color, bold mark making and monumental scale as a vehicle for the voice of the strong feminine to weave nature’s story across time. Multiple layers chronicle what is concrete and what is illusive, erasures remind us that nothing is permanent yet everything leaves an impression. The calm, vast space of the painting allows a story to be told through generations.

Art provides the foundation for critical thinking. It allows us to look deeply into ourselves so that we may flourish by expanding our ability to meet challenges with innovation and creativity. It helps us project our inner truth which can resonate to others with shared meaning. Throughout history artists have not only recorded and responded to events, but have served to direct, influence and heal the wounds of ailing cultures. Memory plays a role in my work, as the tempered nostalgia of my personal myth. Memory is represented with the reductive process of scraping, sanding and wiping off paint to leave traces of what lies beneath the surface. Just as trees communicate to each other through their roots, my paintings resonate on a level that is deeper than the surface. Finally, the physical traces of my movements mark the instant when I danced with the process. As soon as the dance ends it is recorded history. I invite the viewer to enter uncharted territory, a world where women and elders are revered as holders of our collective intuitive lineage and listening to one’s intuition is the highest form of prayer.