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Clint Imboden

Clint Imboden

Born 1953, St. Louis, MO
Lives in Oakland, CA

Clint Imboden is an Oakland-based 3D artist. His current sculptural work juxtaposes text with hand tools and toys from the mid 20th century to address social and political topics. Clint’s larger installations manifest his obsessive collecting and love of repeated forms by transforming hundreds of an object into abstract shapes.

Growing up in St. Louis, both of Clint’s parents fostered a love of collecting, kitsch and Americana in their son. Part of his art making practice is visiting local flea markets daily to add to his vast collections of nostalgic mid-century materials. Prior to pivoting to making sculpture and installation, he was a black and white film photographer who photographed decaying urban landscapes.

Drawn to the industrial arts which began in high school, his woodworking, metal and resin-casting skills are self-taught. He studied at the Kansas City Art Institute, the University of Texas in Arlington, Kala Art Institute and the Crucible in Oakland to add to his visual vocabulary. He is the founder of Artists of the Resistance, a web series about visual artists on YouTube.