Jen Tough Gallery

California: Weird, Wonderful + Wild

Join us for the opening reception during Vallejo's Art Walk: Friday, May 12, 5:00 - 9:00

Group invitational show running May 12 through June 4, 2017. California has long been known as an outsider to the rest of the country's cultural norms and attitudes. It is the home for progressive values, diversity, and always welcomes the new, the different and the experimental. For centuries, California has attracted the dreamers and adventurers seeking fame, fortune or a better life. This show is a tribute to all the weird, wild and wonderful that makes California unique.

Artists include: Michael Ward (Costa Mesa, CA), Samantha Fields (Los Angeles), Heath Kane (London, UK), Susan Stover (Graton, CA), Obtainium Works (Vallejo), Jerry McLaughlin (Oakland, CA), Justin Preyer (Vallejo, CA), Jen Stone (Vallejo, CA) Suzanne Long (Vallejo, CA), Lisa Kairos (Pacifica, CA), Thomas Wojak (Vallejo, CA), Fred Smith (Marin, CA), Lisa Golightly (Portland, OR), Christopher Naughton (Vallejo, CA) and Jeff Snell (Vallejo, CA).


Samantha Fields (Los Angeles)

Containment #78, Acrylic on canvas, 6 X 6 inches, 2009


Fred Smith (Marin)

Tectonic 2, 2016, acrylic on canvas over panel, 48" x 48"


Thomas Wojak (Vallejo)

Zelda (part of the Mugshot series), screen print on paper, 14 x 19, 2010

Obtainium Works (Vallejo)

Mechanical Horse (a contraption), steel and various metals, 2015