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Sara Post: Landscape + Architecture, Abstract Experiments

SOLD OUT Landscape+Architecture: Abstract Experiments with Pigment Sticks, Oil Paint, Wax and Paper

with Sara Post

$475.00 / A 3-day workshop with lunch included each day.

Landscape and our relationship to it is a powerful theme in contemporary abstraction. The Benicia Arsenal offers a unique combination of landscape—sky and water worlds, and architecture, massive buildings and boats.  Inspired by the land and our architectural interactions with it, workshop participants will use beautiful materials to focus on color and placement of abstract elements in order to express powerful thematic ideas. We’ll blend and combine soft pigment sticks with oil paint, wax and other mediums. Working on paper provides options not available on other surfaces while allowing flexibility and permission to break new ground. Economical and effective presentation ideas for finished work will be demonstrated. Open your imagination and come ready to explore and enhance your own artwork with “strategies to create miracles”.