Jen Tough Gallery


B. Robert: New Beginnings

JUNE 08 - 21  

Opening Reception: 

SATURDAY, JUNE 09, 5:00-7:00


Bethany Robert is a Los Angeles based artist known for her large scale abstract expressionist pieces. Her work employs bright colors on airy white backgrounds that reference a playful street aesthetic and style. A favorite of interior designers, Robert's work is featured in numerous upscale spaces worldwide and primetime television shows. Her background in fashion, travel and the music industry have all influenced her distinctive style. Her pieces feature refined designs built with expressive strokes of bold color pulled together with a natural sense of composition. This is Bethany's first solo exhibition at the gallery.


Available Works from New Beginnings

Hopeful, oil on canvas, 60x52, 2018, $5900


Fun Loving, mixed media on canvas, 48x36, 2018, 2018, $3300



White Out, mixed media on canvas, 40x30, 2018, $2700


Inside Out Love, mixed media on canvas, 60x48, 2018, $5600 


Colorful I, mixed media on canvas, 12x12, 2018 $500


Colorful II, mixed media on canvas, 12x12, 2018, $500


Colorful III, mixed media on canvas, 12x12, 2018, $500


Cool Denim, oil on canvas,  36x48, 2018, $3300