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Tamera Avery

Tamera Avery is a painter working in large scale oils, often multi-panel. Her work references cultural and political climates through staged narratives pieced together through various researched imagery. Her work is often a dramatic exploration of themes and stories of current events, expressed through life size characters or self portraits. Often these narratives involve costume, cinematic landscapes or backdrops, which enhance the theatrical scene.

Avery's first showing with the gallery was at Art Santa Fe in July 2018, followed by the Summer Show in July and our popup in San Francisco, New Lands in October 2018.


Tamera Avery awarded first place in the Crocker-Kingsley competition. Juror: David Pagel, Art Critic, LA TImes

Artist Statement:

I am a San Francisco based visual artist working in oils to create large-scale paintings that are inspired by social, environmental and political events.

My process begins by taking a survey of the current social, political and environmental landscape.   I research events that are of interest to me and collect imagery from the Internet and print media to support them.  I typically work with three to five events or concerns at a time.  In addition to published source material, I also stage and photograph settings to support these ideas.  I use this imagery as vocabulary, combining multiple events, and the process of collage to create small works that I consider poems or short stories.  I use these small works as source material for my paintings.  

Using imagery from the White House to Chernobyl, icebergs to abandoned ships, my recent series, “Off the Rails,” uses children and young adults to tell a story of hope in a landscape of despair.  The children and young adults are dressed in costumes that celebrate their youth.   They stand on the path of destruction, and yet there is hope, hope that they will take us off the rail. 

Hell's Valley #4, Oil on Canvas, 72" x 84", 2015 (from the Hell's Valley series) click to enlarge

Hell's Valley #6, Oil on Canvas, 42" x 36", 2016 (click to enlarge)

Hell's Valley #3 Oil on Canvas 72"x84" 2016 (click to enlarge)

Hell's Valley #9 oil on canvas 72" x 88" (click to enlarge)