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Darla McKenna

All of my material comes from mid-century magazines and found papers. In 2015 I began hand painting the paper. As the collage takes shape, additional paint and pencil is added to enhance certain elements. I am intrigued by the possibilities of arrangement and structure. There are rhythms; playing with the formal elements, exemplifying the beauty of shape, texture and color. The work infers architecture and the syncopation of music. The creation of the work is a straightforward process; paper forms are laid next to each other until there is unity. It is a practice of free-association and deep-rooted discovery.

Darla McKenna was born in San Diego, California lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works mostly in acrylic, oil and paper collage. She holds degrees in Studio Arts, Graphic Design and Art Education. Darla's work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Her work can be found in private collections in Europe, Australia and the United States.


Zygote, mixed media paper collage, 2018


Rabat, mixed media collage, 2018


Bayahibe, mixed media paper collage, 2018