Jen Tough Gallery

Artist’s Resource Group (ARG)

ARG is a membership based community for artists interested in a supportive network, professional development and exhibition opportunities. We have three levels of monthly membership opportunities for artists. There is no time commitment, cancel, downgrade or upgrade at any time.


Contributing Member

$25 monthly ($6.25 a week)

•Annual ARG member exhibition

•Membership in private Facebook group

•Invitations to member-only events


Sustaining Member

$50 monthly ($12.50 a week)

•Annual ARG member exhibition

•Membership in private Facebook group

•Invitations to member-only events

•Monthly live webinars



$120 monthly ($30 a week)

•Annual ARG member exhibition

•Membership in private Facebook group

•Invitations to member-only events

•Monthly live webinars

•10% off workshops and events at Jen Tough Gallery

•Unlimited streaming of any and all workshops

Annual ARG Popup Exhibition

Each year, there will be a juried popup exhibition open only ARG members. Exhibitions will be held in popup gallery locations in various cities, starting in San Francisco. The annual exhibition will have guest curators for selecting work and each exhibition will revolve around a theme. These popup exhibitions will be shown for 3-5 days and open to the public, with a private opening reception for ARG members, their friends, families and collectors. Artists keep 100% of sales profits with no commission. The annual exhibition is free for ARG members, and is paid for entirely by monthly membership dues.

Private Facebook Group

Each member of ARG will have access to our private, moderated Facebook group, where members can ask questions of other members, gallery staff and visiting professionals, get critical feedback on current work, exchange helpful information on marketing work, along with discovering new friends and sharing resources. This group is primarily for building community and learning ways to live your best creative life and achieve your goals in a supportive environment.

Invitations to member-only events

Several times a year we will have artist circles online or off, wine and cheese parties at the Bay Area gallery in Benicia, or other learning events such as critiques or conversations with special art industry guests. These events are open to members only and will be live-streamed to members out of the area when possible and appropriate. These events offer community, learning and networking opportunities and are always free for ARG members.

Monthly Live Webinars

Once a month, join Jen Tough and a variety of art industry guests online, where you can ask questions and interact with the ARG community. Topics include: approaching galleries, marketing, social media, exhibitions, living a creative life, and more. Upcoming webinars will be announced prior, and are free for ARG members.

10% off Workshops

Patron members receive 10% off all workshops, live workshops, video workshops, and webinar/online workshops. Unlimited number of purchases. The only restriction is you cannot purchase them for someone else.

Unlimited Workshop Streaming

Patron members enjoy unrestricted and unlimited, “fly on the wall” streaming of any and all workshops held at Jen Tough Gallery. Tune in when you want, drop in and out as you like, and follow along in your own studio, no matter where you are, learning from some of the country’s best instructors.